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Scripture Talk 
Would you like your children to memorize 79 verses of Scripture and have fun while doing it? Scripture Talk combines active hand motions, visual aids, and creative teaching to equip children of all ages to hide God’s Word in their hearts, as well as apply it to their lives!

A solid film with a crucial message!

A challenging look at modern youth ministry in the Church.

One of the most crucial issues that the Church is facing today is powerfully exposed in this much needed film!  Highly recommended!

Our family has been members of Samaritan Ministries since 2008.   We are so pleased with it and only wish we had joined sooner!   So far, Samaritan Ministries members have paid for 100% of our home births, several thousand dollars toward our daughter's medical bills when she experienced viral myocarditis, several trips to ER, and the majority of 22 very expensive stitches in our oldest son's finger!   Each time we receive a check in the mail, there's also a note of encouragement from members who have been praying for us.  We have even received small gifts, poems, and words of testimony of God's faithfulness after several miscarriages.   This is a "bill" that we actually enjoy paying each month as we prayerfully write a check and send a note to a fellow member with a medical expense.    As we tell others, Samaritan Ministries is one of those rare things in life that may sound too good to be true but is!!   And the very best part is knowing that our money is going straight to a fellow believer with a real need and not toward unbiblical procedures!!  We thank God for this ministry. 

Check it out at SamaritanMinistries.org.   Tell them Shane and Edee Moore sent you!    If you need further testimony of God's faithfulness through Samaritan Ministries, we'd love to talk with you.   Just contact us!